15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Check out our coffee-themed gift guide for Christmas 2022

Whether you are shopping for yourself as an end of year treat, or you are choosing something for someone special in your life, there’s no shortage of gift ideas here that’ll make the first sip of the day even better.   

For those just starting on their coffee journey, we have home barista accessories to help them nail the perfect grind and brew process. We have tumblers so they can enjoy their quality coffee on the go. And not forgetting the coffee itself, we have roasted a limited edition Christmas coffee that has all the aromas and flavours of the holiday season.   

From brewing beginners to coffee connoisseurs, find a brew-tiful gift in our list below:  

Coffee Makers

French Press 3 cup: €20.00

Bodum French Press

The Bodum French Press is a timeless and inexpensive option for those looking to brew coffee that’s bursting with flavour.  

Moka Pot 3 cup: €20.00

Moka Pot

You don’t need paper filters or plastic pods to enjoy rich, authentic espressos with this stylish Moka Pot.  

Aerobie Aeropress: €35.00

Aerobie Aeropress

Not only is it affordable but also portable and great for brewing filter coffee fast while on-the-go.  

Chemex: €65.00 - one left!


The beautiful Chemex provides a simple and elegant way to make up to 6 brews of coffee in one go.  

V60 Starter Pack: €62.75

V60 Starter Pack Christmas Gift

The perfect gift for those wanting to ditch the daily €3 and something coffees at their local café, and start making barista quality coffee at home.  

Asobu Pourover Pack: €72.50

Asobu Pourover Pack

For those budding coffee pour-over lovers who are looking to accentuate the intricate flavours of their favourite coffee. 

Coffee Machines

SAGE Bambino Plus: €499.99 - one left!

Sage Bambino Plus

If there is limited kitchen counter space, the Sage Bambino is the machine for you. Small in size but big on quality.

SAGE Barista Express: €549.99

Sage Barista Express

With the Barista Express you can grind the beans before extraction, allowing for the fullest of flavours in your cup.  

SAGE Barista Express Impress: €729.99

Sage Barista Express Impress

With a new assisted tamp system, this machine makes manual espresso-making easier than ever without losing the hands-on feel.  

SAGE Oracle Touch: €2,399.99 - one left!

Sage Oracle touch

Swipe, select and you've got yourself a café quality coffee. With the touch of a button, this machine can make any coffee. 


Within budget:

                  Investment option: 

Bodum Blade Electric Coffee Grinder: €39.99  

Bodum Blade Electric Coffee Grinder

When you grind your coffee beans, the result is coffee that has a rich aroma and taste. With the push of a button, this grinder gives you perfectly ground coffee for you to enjoy.  

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mini-Slim Plus Grinder: €54.95 

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mini-Slim Plus Grinder

For those putting passion behind their brewing process, the Haro Grinder is a manual grinder for coffee enthusiasts looking for that hands-on approach.  

Timemore Manual Grinder: €80.00

Timemore manual grinder

Give your loved ones a high-quality manual coffee grinder so they can enjoy a far superior cup of coffee in the morning. 

SAGE Smart Grinder Pro: €249.99  

Sage Smart Grinder Pro

If your loved one is still ordering ‘espresso’ ground coffee for their machine at home, why not treat them to the smartest grinder from Sage.  

Stocking fillers

People who love coffee are fun to shop for because there are endless options of beautiful tumblers to buy them. 

Asobu Imperial Beverage: €23.50   

Asobu Imperial Mug

Comes in a stylish marble or floral design. 

Asobu Diva Cup: €25.50 

Asobu Diva Cup

Keeps beverages hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours.  

Asobu Ultimate Mug: €25.50 

Asobu Ultimate Mug

Choose from blue, black or white.  

Asobu Infinite Mug: €32.99

Asobu Infinite Mug

Complete with a cork bottom for a built-in coaster.

So whether you’re looking to splurge or get a small Secret Santa gift, there is something for everyone on our online store. These gift ideas will help anyone perfect their morning caffeine routine with a practical gift that they will use daily. 

Happy Christmas and Happy Shopping!