10 days in colombia

By Milena Bardyn

Colombia - A country that is beautiful, diverse, and full of great people, flavours and colours. 

Our origin trip to visit some of the coffee farms in Colombia was one of the best trips in my life, and one that I will never forget. Why? It was a truly unique opportunity for me to get to know the real lives of Colombian coffee farmers, and to visit places that the average tourist will never reach. 

What stands out in the beauty of Colombia is first and foremost…nature. Breathtaking mountain views, jungles, river valleys and beautiful, colourful flowers. However, the most memorable aspect of the country for me is the people. The people we met were incredibly hospitable, open, warm, and caring to us. I think the secret to their happiness and joyful way of living lies is within the simplicity of their lifestyles and in the way they appreciate the little things in life.  

Working on a coffee farm can be very hard and physical work. From the manual harvesting of the coffee to the level of care and attention required when processing and drying the coffee cherries. There is so much that depends on the climate and weather, which is very capricious. 

While visiting coffee farms, we got an insight into daily life on the farm and the people who put a lot of effort into producing coffee of the highest possible quality. The coffee tastings we received gave us the opportunity to sample exceptional coffees, selected specifically for our visit. They were high-quality coffees; Geisha, Caturra and Catuai varieties, with different processing methods (natural and washed). They really made us feel that our visit was important and special to them.  

On each of the farms you can see a real passion and devotion for this amazing plant. Their attention to detail, development, and their commitment to continually deepening their knowledge of coffee cultivation, made me realise that, despite the continents that separate us, cultural and linguistic differences, we have one thing in common - a love for coffee.  

Coffee from Colombia:

Colombia Excelso

Hero Range single origin coffee 227g

Origin Project Coffee

Origin Project single origin coffee 227g