Autumn has officially arrived at Java Republic! 

What’s brewing this Autumn? 

After the success of our Summer Seasonal drinks, we’ve upped the bar and are launching delicious Autumn treats (no tricks!) It’s the start of September, which means unfortunately the long summer days are gone, the weather is getting cooler, and you are beginning to crave hot drinks... fear not, our Autumn Seasonal Drinks are back!  

 Whether you’re a coffee, tea or a hot chocolate drinker, there is something for everyone on our seasonal drinks menu. Dust off your comfy coats, get the soup recipes out, and get ready to indulge in hot, delicious drinks at Java Republic. 

Pumpkin spice season is back!

We’re bringing back your favourite this Autumn… 

Let the Pumpkin Spiced Latte obsession commence! What’s Autumn without some pumpkin spice? Made with freshly steamed milk, double espresso and blended with pumpkin spice syrup, this is going to be your go-to new coffee order this Autumn.  If you fancy it, our barista's can also finish your Pumpkin Spiced Latte with some whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

Ingredients:​ Double espresso, pumpkin spiced syrup and ​fresh milk​ ​. Optional: whipped cream and cinnamon.

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Warm the soul with... 

Our exclusive oolong tea from China is quite unique in its flavours. It combines tempting creamy notes with a hint of flowery orchid, making it a smooth, yet sweet delicious drink. 

Lazy, rainy Sundays at home? This is the perfect soul-warming drink to get you through the cooler, darker evenings. Don’t want to leave the house? Get it delivered straight to your door, shop the Fine Cream Oolong Tea here.  

Ingredients:​ Java Republic 100% Organic Fine Cream Oolong Tea

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For the chocolate lovers.. 

Our delicious Banana Fondue Hot Chocolate is a combination of our Java Republic Hot Chocolate and 1883 Banana Syrup, mixed with some steamed milk.  

This is seasonal drink is going to be a huge favourite amongst chocolate lovers. Our barista’s can add whipped cream and/or chocolate sauce to your drink if you’re feeling extra indulgent. 

Ingredients:​ Java Republic 100% Organic Hot Chocolate, banana syrup, ​fresh milk, chocolate sauce/sprinkles (optional) and whipped cream (optional).

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Starting from September 1st, our Autumn Seasonal drinks will be available in Java Republic cafés in both Molesworth Street and Ballycoolin. You can also order our drinks in for your office/café/restaurant or hotel, just contact your rep today! Each year, our coffee experts test their tastebuds and create new drinks each season. We can’t wait to see what you think of this range!  

Autumn Treats