The Best Coffee Gifts for Father's Day

With Father’s Day a little over a week away, we have put together a list of the perfect gifts for those coffee-loving Dad’s out there! Whether your dad is a casual coffee drinker, or an avid coffee connoisseur, we have a range of gifts to suit everyone. After all, your dad deserves the best! 

Gifts for the Home Barista Novice

Coffee Selection Pack

If your dad knows he loves coffee but hasn’t discovered what his favourite blend or flavour profile is yet, the Coffee Selection Pack is the perfect gift! Featuring 4 of our top selling coffees, this pack collectively contains beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Rwanda, and Sumatra. 

Added bonus: When you purchase the Coffee Selection Pack, you can choose to have the coffees delivered as whole beans or pre-ground to suit your dad’s preferred home brewing method! 


Aeropress Bundles

The Aeropress is a much-loved piece of home barista equipment, used by coffee lovers the world over. What better way to start your Aeropress journey than with one of our Aeropress Home Barista Packs?   

Why choose an Aeropress? Coffee made with an Aeropress tends to have a rich, full flavour. Furthermore, it is lightweight and durable, making it long-lasting and great for travelling. Perfect so that you can have great tasting coffee wherever you go and whenever you want!  


v60 Bundles

The v60 is a firm favourite brewing method amongst coffee professionals, but it can be easily used in the home too! Our v60 Home Barista Packs are the perfect gift and will mean that your dad will always get the best tasting coffee from the comfort of his own home!   

Why choose a v60 coffee maker? Brewing coffee with a v60 tends to deliver very clear flavours and aromas, really bringing out the complexity of even the most subtle tasting notes.  


Gifts for the Coffee Connoisseur

Sage Barista Express

Our top-selling Sage machine, the Barista Express is the perfect gift this Father’s Day. With the Barista Express you can make specialty coffee at home in under a minute. Exclusive to Java Republic, with every purchase of a Sage Barista Express, you will also get a free 1kg bag of coffee and a 10% discount code that you can use to purchase coffee on our website for 12 months! 


Sage Bambino Plus

A more compact option than the Barista Express, the Bambino Plus is perfect if your kitchen is tight on space. Just like a café, the Bambino Plus does not compromise on any of the elements needed to create a premium quality coffee.  As with the Barista Express, when you purchase a Bambino Plus, you will get a free 1kg bag of coffee and a 10% discount code to use on coffee for a year.  


Asobu Cold Brew

The Asobu Cold Brew is an innovative brewing method that combines coarse coffee grounds, cold water, and a long steeping time. The resulting coffee is delicious and versatile and can be enjoyed anywhere cold or hot. Portable and lightweight, this brewer is perfect for people on the go. The leakproof lid means you can bring it anywhere, even in the car!


We hope that this guide has given you some inspiration on what to give your dad this Father’s Day. If not, we have plenty more products available online and we are sure that you will find the perfect gift.